Halloween Antics

9 10 2009

Easy now Hamer

The day’s are getting shorter and time is tight and before you know it, its Halloween night.

Deep in the forest where evil is rife, there are people with nothing, not even a life.

Hubble Bubble the pot boils well, whilst the red witch and her cat think up a new spell. 

Hocus pocus three shakes of a twig, a twist of frog juice and the tail of a pig 

“I will make mouthy trouble whilst dancing a jig”.

The potion is right there is steam everywhere, so now is the time to bring evil to bear. 

 As witch hour approaches something seems to be wrong, there’s a huge explosion and a hell of a pong.

 Where once stood the cauldron there is now a huge pit, the witch looked bedraggled and covered …stumbled a bit.

If you’re wondering what happened to red witch that night, she was banished forever for gobbing such shite utter rubbish.


Bring it on…….