What a Rumpus at last weeks Council Meeting

22 09 2008

Last weeks Full Council Meeting in the Civic Centre chamber held at wyre Borough Council offices was the best entertainment I have seen for ages. The muppet show could’nt have improved upon the behaviour and antics of our socialist collegues, in fact the script writers of that famous show surely had a hand in the performance that was laid before us.

Scargill and Benn who doubled as Cllr Shewan & Cllr Grunshaw, threw acusation after acusation at the bemused cabinet members who sat before them. The answers to two of Cll Grunshaws questions “On Notice” being public knowledge already and one relating to ownership of the land under the pier was in his own ward. Whoops!!

Cllr Shewan went on to further upset the cabinet by accusing them of theft and lying about the Councils intentions for housing on the seafront. Cllr Shewan was ordered to withdraw his allegations by the leader Cllr Forsyth, stating that serious re-percussions could insue. The Deputy Mayor brought the meeting to order ..eventually. Steady Tiger

This mayhem brought to mind how many of the muppets had look alikes in the chamber.

Cllr Hamer had a curt response to his question about refuse collection then put in his place regarding CCTV in our Ward. He was then accused of wasting the deputy Mayor’s time when asking about the passenger figures for the ferry as he had been given that information at an earlier date.


Cllr Vincent was on form giving angry Shewan some of his own medicine and on each occasion Shewan fired a shot Vincent rebounded with a broadside.

This was some meeting!!  I left breathless thinking how many likenesses I could think of CAN YOU?



Will the real Muppets Stand up Please ??