My Family

June is the one without the horns!!

June is the one without the horns!!

We Enjoyed a great time at the Moose Club in Fort Myers Florida with our Florida friends Ruthann & Tim.  

My Lovely Wife June keeps me under control!!..

We have Two Daughters.. Cathie and Angie and two grandsons Stuart & Oliver and of course Lucky the dog,  naturally we love all them to bits.

We are so proud of our Daughters,

Cathie Gibson has been cabin crew for British Airways for more years than she would want mentioned  and has achieve the noteable position of Purser. She works long haul out of Heathrow. 

Steve Gibson (Cathies Husband) is a Webmaster and runs a very interesting site  which informs anyone of their entitlement to pensions, benefits and much more. Well worth a visit to check up on just exactly what you should be entiled to. 

Ollie, Cathie, Lucky, Stuart.

Ollie, Cathie, Lucky, Stuart.


My Daughter Angie

My Daughter Angie

Angela Sanderson,  is in the Fleetwood Lifeboat crew of the RNLI. The crew are very often called upon to carry out brave tasks in and around the stormy waters of Fleetwood. It is the RNLI 150th year aniversary celebrations this comming year so please have a look at the 2008 Lifeboat video at this site Then click on lifeboat day 2008 RNLI.  I think you will enjoy.


One response

27 09 2008
Pete H

Interesting site, I liked the clip of the great flood.
Glad I am not the only one that thinks WBC are a bunch of muppets. Most of the Loft crowd carry on into the Memoral Park after closing time, think this would be a good site for a cctv camera.
Keep updating the blog. !!!

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